About Me

I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. “Anna the Piper” (a nickname I use almost everywhere on the Internet). I’ve been in the computer industry since 1991, initially as a localization engineer before I moved into QA. During the years I’ve been a tester, I’ve been mostly a Quality Assurance Engineer (or variations on that title, such as Quality Assurance Analyst or Software Test Engineer). More recently, I’ve been an SDET.

My experience with automation is predominantly in Python and Java. In Python, I worked with BeautifulSoup and Selenium, doing mostly front-end web testing, but with some middle-tier stuff as well, mostly to verify that particular services returned things that agreed with what displayed on the web pages tested. In Java, I have predominantly done service testing, i.e., REST APIs.

My WordPress experience comes from years of hosting several WordPress blogs on murkworks.net, the tiny ISP my wife Dara Korra’ti and I run. We host several small community neighborhood blogs, one for the Lexington Fantasy Association (a sci-fi fandom group in Kentucky), my wife’s professional music site, and my own professional author site.

As is necessary for self-hosted WordPress sites, we have the usual LAMP stack. This has given me plenty of opportunity to get familiar with the Linux command line, how to run Apache, how to deal with a MySQL database, and how to deal with PHP.

I am comfortable enough with PHP that I can read it, and delve into existing source code for WordPress plugins and themes. I’ve applied fixes to WordPress plugins, and have generated child themes when I haven’t been entirely happy with what a theme can do for me. For example, over on angelahighland.com, I have a commercially purchased theme called “Florence”. But I generated a child theme for it so that I could do customizations that the original theme didn’t allow.

If you’d like to know more about me, I have social media links at the bottom of the site. And you can also visit my author site, angelahighland.com, or my main fannish site, annathepiper.org.