Buying From Me

This is the page for what to do if you want to buy any books directly from me personally. This is as opposed to buying any of my works via a commercial site, such as Bandcamp for the print editions of Faerie Blood or Bone Walker, or any commercial ebook vendor for the ebook editions.

Also, this page applies only to purchasing Faerie Blood or Bone Walker, my indie-published works.

My Carina Press novels are, of course, sold by Carina Press. See the Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk pages for how to get those books.

What Books You Can Buy:

If you don’t own an ereader, if you specifically prefer to avoid the device-specific vending sites, or if you’d just like to buy a book in any form directly from me, I’ll be happy to hand-sell any of my indie works to you.

I can hand-sell you ebook OR print copies of either Faerie Blood or Bone Walker.

I will also be happy to send you a copy of the short story “The Blood of the Land” upon request, since that story is currently not in print.

Current Prices:

Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are both available from me at $4.99 USD, to match the price I’ve set on the vendor sites where it’s sold.

“The Blood of the Land” I offer for free!

For the print editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, if I can hand-deliver you the book, my asking price is $15. This will apply if:

  • You live local to me and I can bring you the book;
  • You are likely to see me at a local science-fiction convention, such as Norwescon or VCON or Conflikt;
  • You are likely to see me at concerts by any of my favorite musicians or bands, either in Seattle or in BC on one of my frequent trips to Canada.

If I need to mail you a print edition, I ask $3 shipping to anywhere in the US, since I can mail books by media mail rate to US addresses. If you are in Canada, I ask $6 shipping. If you are outside North America, I ask $8.

What Ebook Formats I Can Send You:

Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are both available in EPUB and MOBI format. They are DRM-free, so you can load them into the tool of your choice and convert them to whatever other format you may wish.

Additionally, Faerie Blood is available in a PDF format, which includes a high-res version of the cover as well as an additional black-and-white version. A similar PDF edition of Bone Walker is also available. If you prefer to read your ebooks in PDF format, buying from me IS the only way to get them right now.

What Forms of Payment I Can Accept:

If you’re buying directly from me, the best way to pay me is via my Paypal address, which is my annathepiper address at gmail.

Second best: I will accept credit equivalent to the price of your desired book at any store where I can buy ebooks or digital music! This includes, in order of my preference:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Kobo
  • iTunes (either US or CA, I have accounts at both)
  • Amazon
  • And if you happen to be in Quebec, either Archambault OR Renaud-Bray, since I have accounts at both stores and am HIGHLY interested in acquiring SF/F in French 😀

Other methods:

If you are local to me, you may pay me by cash or a check.

If you are NOT local to me, you may mail me a check or a money order.

If you are Canadian, you may pay me via Interac since I have an account with a Canadian bank. Contact me directly for details on how to go about doing that.

If you meet up with me at a science fiction convention, I will have my Square with me and will be able to use that to take payments via debit or credit card.

Any Questions?

Talk to me on my Contact form or on any of the social networks I’m on, or shoot me an email!