This is a development version of my new site, and as such it’s a work in progress. The URL for the site is publicly readable, so if you happen to come by here because I posted about it to Mastodon, hiya! Pardon the construction mess as I work on the site, and expect things here to change without notice. The domain name will change once I’m ready to consider this place official.

Welcome to the homepage for Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. “Anna the Piper”. I’m a writer, an SDET/QA Engineer, an amateur musician, an Elder Scrolls gamer, a former MUSHer, a fangirl for a lot of different fandoms, and in general a great big nerd.

I’m a published author who writes under the name Angela Highland with Carina Press, as well as under the name Angela Korra’ti for anything I self-publish.

You can find info on my books, my tech experience, and my hobbies all right here on this site. Talk to me if you have questions!