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As war rages across Adalonia, their only hope is a sword named Moonshadow, the weapon that first saved the elves from the Anreulag.

Julian: Julian yearns to confess his love to Faanshi, the elven healer who captivated him since their first chance encounter. Though he fears she and Kestar share a deep connection, he must thrust such worry aside as danger descends upon them and their uneasy elven allies…

Faanshi: Faanshi’s connection to Kestar is inexplicable, born of her magic and their shared elven blood. She knows his every thought and desire, but her heart lies with Julian. She’ll have to find a way to tell him soon, even in the midst of rebellion…

Kestar: Though he knows not why—only that it involves his own recently discovered elven heritage—Kestar has risked the lives of everyone around him. For the Anreulag, the Voice of the Gods, has been freed of Her magical prison and will kill all in Her path until he is found.

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Important Note: Read each book in sequence to get the entire story! The Rebels of Adalonia books are not standalone novels! Victory of the Hawk is preceded by Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter.

Victory of the Hawk, released in April 2015, is the conclusion to the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy. I hope everyone who enjoyed Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter will likewise enjoy this third and final book in the story of Faanshi, Julian, and Kestar!

My three protagonists have escaped the riots in Shalridan, only to discover that the haven of Dolmerrath is not nearly as secure as they’d like—for war and the Anreulag alike are sweeping through the land, and at the crux of it all is Kestar’s own heritage. What happens in the conclusion of this story will forever change the history of Adalonia.

Follow Kestar as he seeks his victory.

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As Carina Press is a digital imprint, Victory of the Hawk is not available in print.

To date, there is also no audiobook edition as there was with Valor of the Healer. If this is something you’d like to see change, I encourage you to reach out to Carina Press.