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The Knight: After nearly being destroyed by a conspiracy within his Order, Kestar faces a crisis. The Knights of the Hawk have always stood against elven magic, but how can he proceed after discovering his own elven heritage? How will his Order react when they discover the truth?

The Healer: Free of the shackles of the Duke of Shalridan, Faanshi sets out to pursue her destiny with the elves—and finds herself at the head of an open rebellion. But her goddess isn’t done with her yet, and controlling her magic turns into the fight of her life. One she cannot win without both Kestar and Julian by her side.

The Hunter: Rattled to his core after Faanshi healed his eye and hand, and haunted by guilt and a growing love for the elven healer, Julian flees. As he seeks retribution against shadows of his past, convinced of his own unworthiness, he’ll need all of Faanshi’s faith to turn him from the path of vengeance to help save Kestar, and the whole of Adalonia.

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Important Note: Read each book in sequence to get the entire story! The Rebels of Adalonia books are not standalone novels! Vengeance of the Hunter is preceded by Valor of the Healer, and followed by Victory of the Hawk.

Vengeance of the Hunter, book 2 of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, was released in April of 2014 and had the distinction of being the first book I’d ever written under deadline. As such, was the most challenging book I’d written to date! Thanks to the tireless patience of my editor Deb Nemeth, though, I’m proud of the final result. And I hope you’ll agree that it’s challenging for Faanshi, Kestar, and especially Julian as well as me!

Book 2 of Rebels of Adalonia raises the stakes considerably, as the conflict in the realm begins to spiral outward from the main characters. Faanshi, the Healer, has proven her valor–and she must do so again. But now Julian, the Hunter, seeks his vengeance. And what choices he makes will determine whether Faanshi stands or falls, and all of the realm of Adalonia with her.

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As Carina Press is a digital imprint, Vengeance of the Hunter is available only in ebook form at this time.

Additionally, no audiobook version has been produced yet. If this is a thing you’d like to see change, I encourage you to reach out to Carina Press and tell them that’s a version of the book you’d like to see!