This site is a self-hosted WordPress install and uses the Twenty Twenty-Three theme, specifically with the “Marigold” style.

Page header graphics are one of a few scenarios:

  1. Photos taken by me, several of which are from my trip to Harrison Hot Springs in 2013
  2. Photos taken of me
  3. Cover art for my books
  4. Screenshots of my characters in various games, usually Animal Crossing, Skyrim, or Elder Scrolls Online

Cover art for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker was created by Kiri Moth.

Cover art for Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk was created by Carina Press.

Processing of all page headers was done in the Waterlogue app for the iPad to get the watercolor look, and then with sepia tone added by Preview in macOS.

Cats featured in the header graphics are former cats of my household, Fred and George.

The mammoth featured in a couple of different headers is Jean-Claude, a toy stuffed mammoth I have, sitting next to a guitar owned by Quebecois fiddler André Brunet. He very kindly loaned me his instrument for classes taken at Camp Violon Trad in 2017. Merci beaucoup encore, André!