what i play

In addition to being an SDET in my day job and a writer on the side, I’m also an amateur musician. My original musical instrument was the flute, which I had six years of in school. In my adulthood, I took up the guitar, a bit of mandolin and bouzouki, the whistle, and the fiddle. The fiddle in particular I’ve greatly enjoyed learning over the last several years, as I’m taking lessons with Lisa Ornstein, renowned in Quebecois traditional music as both a performer and a teacher.

Despite not actually having any professional musical aspirations, I’ve collected quite a few instruments over the years. The official roster of my horde of musical instruments lives over here.

Shoutout in particular to Carbony Celtic Winds, the maker of most of my current session winds: a big D flute, a little D, a G, and an A, as well as whistles in D and C. Additional shoutout to the former Sweetheart and now Musique Morneaux, the makers of my current favorite whistle, a blackwood in D that I also like to bring to sessions.

three good measures

I used to hold semi-regular jam sessions at my household, and went through two iterations of a jamming group. The first incarnation, Three Good Measures, still has a place in my heart and on this web page. Check the link if you want to see some of the MP3s we archived of various ditties.

You can also find the Three Good Measures clips on my account on Soundcloud.