what’s all this then?

I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. “Anna the Piper”, also a.k.a. “Angela Highland”.

This site is where you can find out all about me, my books, my tech experience, and my hobbies.

what I do

Professionally, my day job is being an SDET: a Software Development Engineer in Test. (Swap “Development” for “Developer” or “Design” depending on how any given company might use this particular acronym.) This means that I work in software testing, but I specialize in creating code that can be used to test a webpage or app, versus testing it manually. Writing test automation allows for a piece of software to be tested much more quickly than testing it manually.

If you’d like to know more about my tech background, have a look at my Tech Experience page.

what I write

In addition to being a software tester, I’m a published author. I’ve released the Rebels of Adalonia high fantasy trilogy with Carina Press, and self-published the urban fantasy series The Free Court of Seattle.

You can find out more about my released work on my Books page.

how I play

I’m an avid fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise of video games, and have been actively playing Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind, and Oblivion since 2021. I keep a separate site about this at Anna Plays Skyrim, so if you’re a fan of those games too, check that site out!

When I was younger I was also an avid player of MUSHes, a type of text-based online RPG. I was an active administrator and player on Two Moons MUSH, as well as a player on CrystalMUSH, PernMUSH, Star Wars MUSH, AetherMUSH, and others. Anyone familiar with me from my MUSHing days will likely recognize references to my MUSH characters in my published work. On this site, I still keep an archive of roleplay logs from those days.

I’m not a professional musician, but I am an enthusiastic amateur. I play flutes and whistles, some guitar, and a little bit of fiddle. All of this ties in heavily to my longstanding love of Newfoundland and Quebecois traditional music, and I have a history of participating in Quebecois trad sessions in the Seattle area.

And like many nerds, I’m an avid reader. My preferred genres are SF/F, mystery (particularly historical mysteries), romance (I prefer historicals, sci-fi romances, and romantic suspense), and sometimes horror (as long as it’s suspenseful/creepy vs. gory).