Those of you who grew up in the age of streaming may not remember this, but for those of you who do, y’know how DVDs often have extra features? This page is like that. Here you’ll find character vignettes, deleted scenes, and other little bits of flotsam related to the books I’ve written.


These are all character vignettes from the Faerie Blood universe.

  • Elessir, April 17, 1945: A 900-some-word glimpse into the past of Elessir of Faerie Blood
  • Millicent, January 23, 1953: About 1,500 words on how a newly minted Warder rescues her future husband
  • Damhnait MacSimidh, 1987 – A Warder mother in St. John’s must decide how and when to break the news of her impending dire fate to her only son. About 1,000 words.
  • Christopher MacSimidh, July 1989 – A short snippet about the worst summer of young Christopher MacSimidh’s life, when he must face the import of being disowned by his father
  • Jude, April 1st, 1998 – Jude meets Kendis for the first time when she reports to work–and discovers that her new teammates have a lively way of greeting additions to their ranks.

deleted scenes

These are a collection of fragments from published works that got edited out along the way–basically, the book equivalent of Deleted Scenes from DVDs or Blu-Rays! Hope you enjoy these glimpses of things that didn’t make the cut!

From Valor of the Healer

Faanshi’s birth and the rise of her healing: the Prelude to Lament of the Dove, an earlier version of Valor of the Healer