This page is for any readers who are unable to spare a few bucks to buy my books for themselves, but who would like to read me via library systems. Here I’ll document what library systems are known to carry my titles, and I will update this page with new library links as I become aware of them.

If you’re a buyer for a library who’s picked up any of my work, many thanks to you!

how to ask for my titles at your library

First and foremost, the library systems immediately local to Seattle do not carry me. If you’d like to see that change, please contact either the Seattle Public Library or the King County Library System, and ask them to carry whichever of my titles you’d like to check out.

All of my ebooks are available via Overdrive, which will be the easiest and fastest way for libraries to buy them. My Rebels trilogy with Carina Press can be found here, and all of my indie titles, both the Free Court books and the short stories, are here.

Additionally, any libraries in the US who’d like to buy print copies of either Faerie Blood or Bone Walker can do so via my site store or my Square store, once the books are back in print. (Libraries outside the US are certainly also welcome to inquire about buying the print books, but shipping outside the US is more expensive, and that’ll make it less worth a non-US library’s time, most likely. Still, can’t hurt to ask!)

libraries that carry the rebels books

The following library systems are known to carry some or all the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy. If you are a patron of any of the locations that do not have the full trilogy, please consider mentioning to those libraries that the Rebels novels are not standalones, and should be read in sequence to get the full story!

united states






New York




British Columbia

new zealand

libraries that carry my indie titles

The following library systems are currently known to carry some or all of my self-published work:

united states