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Putting up a new site

Ah, that fresh new website smell, wot?

I’ve been recently very disgruntled about the word going around on social media about WordPress.com lately, in two major areas: one, the CEO of Automattic getting into a tiff with a trans user of Tumblr, and two, the word about Automattic selling data from WordPress.com users and Tumblr users for AI training.

Which has led me to decide to pull angelahighland.info off of WordPress.com, for one thing. But since that’s been my official author presence for a while, that means I need to put up a new site. I also had the shell of my previous author site, angelahighland.com, still up. And my original personal site, annathepiper.org.

And that, frankly, is a lot to keep track of. My hope with making this new site is to see if I can condense all three of these sites into one and make life easier on myself.

So here’s a brand spanking new site. Right now this thing is living at dev.annathepiper.org, but its official URL will likely change in the future as soon as I can figure out what domain name I want to throw at it.






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