Second test post

Putting up a second test post just to see how the blog page looks with more than one post on it.

And also just to give a general update on the progress of this site, just because I’ve started posting example links to social media, and people might happen to wander by. If you are in fact visiting because I posted to Mastodon, hiya!

This site is definitely a work in progress. But now I have an idea of what I want to do with it, at least. The WordPress theme I’m using, Twenty Twenty-Three, is letting me have a fairly minimal look. But I also find the style I selected a bit blah on its own, so I’ve started implementing some header graphics on various pages to spruce things up a bit.

Also pondering what domain name I want to use for this site once I’m ready for it to go live. Not sure yet if I’m going to repurpose an existing domain name for it, or choose a new one.

Existing domains I own are annathepiper.org, angelakorrati.com, angelahighland.com, and angelahighland.info. It may just be easiest to point all of these at this site once it’s official? But I’d still have to choose one to be canonical.

Or, I could set up a brand new domain name. annathepiper.net, maybe.

So the rough list of tasks to do here is:

  1. Port in desired pages from current live annathepiper.org
  2. Port in desired pages from current live angelahighland.info
  3. Doublecheck if there’s any content still on angelahighland.com that I need to bring in
  4. Decide on what domain name will be canonical for this site once it’s ready to be official
  5. Decommission the older sites only when this one is live

I’ll of course post on all communications channels when I’m ready to call this site official. Stay tuned.






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